It began simply enough. Our vineyard crews would get together on the weekends, grilling meat, making salsa, guacamole—sharing a meal, a laugh. The cut of choice: short ribs—cut Korean style, simply marinated in salt and lìmon, grilled on hot coals by one of our vineyard foremen, Jorge Delgado. The ribs quickly became David's favorite, and Jorge has grilled them for every family gathering since. He's self-taught, works alongside his brother, Francisco. They get a little advice from their Mom, Alicia, in Michoacán. Jorge and Francisco cook during harvest, bring a hot meal to the winery every day that fruit comes in. And they cook for family functions—Thanksgiving up at Las Posadas, birthdays at Madrona Ranch, Mother's Day at David's house. It's the real deal—authentic Mexican food. Pollo marinado con ajo y cilantro; serdo con salsa roja; carne con salsa de tomatillo; and the short ribs—costillas asadas—of course. We could use caterers, but it wouldn't be the same. The guys know what they like, they know what David likes. And they do it so well. When Alicia visited, she was proud.