Growing up, Napa Valley was David Abreu's playground as well as his classroom. Born into a family of ranchers, he spent the better part of his youth working in Napa's original vineyards. Over time, David's sense of what makes a site stand out—why one vineyard makes great wine and another's is just good—was sharpened beyond the ordinary. Eventually, intuition and experience led him to four exceptional vineyard properties: Madrona Ranch, Cappella, Las Posadas, and Thorevilos. He planned and planted each one. And with an uncompromising—some might say insane—commitment to quality, he and his crew farm them to perfection. Alongside Brad Grimes, a chef turned winemaker, he whittles one hundred barrels down to just 12,000 bottles of single-site Cabernet blends. You could call it passion beyond reason. And you may be right.

“David Abreu's wines remain some of the most compelling expressions of Napa Valley terroir readers will come across. Meticulous viticulture is at the heart of everything that happens at Abreu.”

– Antonio Galloni, December 2014

“Winemaker Brad Grimes is driven more by intuition than anything else, and it is that spirit which gives these wines a human feel that is sometimes lacking in Napa Valley.”

– Antonio Galloni, December 2014

“Kudos to David Abreu and Brad Grimes, not only for their obsessive perfectionist work in the vineyards, but for producing wines as unmanipulated, pure and world-class as money can buy.”

– Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, October 2014